This is where it all begins. The creation of ideas and opportunities that can be activated by art and design. It is important to generate a deep understanding of the goals and visions of the idea in order to properly execute them to reality, or fantasy. In this phase, research is an integral element when defining the vision and idea.

  • creating
  • understanding
  • researching

The Science of Planning

After idea, comes the bones and structure to facilitate the idea. It is crucial to spend a good amount of time sketching and thinking through the design requirements and refining the research to deliver a clear and concise program and planning guideline. This is driven by discussing the needs and requirements of the client. It is important to listen clearly to the specific vision of the idea and create strategic goals to get through the design process.

  • sketching
  • discussing
  • listening

Schematic Design

Here's the fun part! Through the initial steps of planning and sketching, the design is furthered through drafting plans, sections and elevations. Interesting concepts and opportunities arise in the 3-dimensional modeling of space and components to get a visual sense of the design. In this stage of the process, the idea is drawn in a variety of ways to determine to most efficient, effective and aesthetically pleasing combination.

  • drafting
  • modeling
  • drawing

Coordination + Integration

At this stage of the idea is developed enough to bring together a team of engineers and designers to further the process along into an actual architectural solution. Here is where we meet with architects, engineers, and other expert consultants to coordination the idea into a project. This is the opportunity to engage industry professionals and their skills to integrate feedback and solutions to challenges within the design framework.

  • engineering
  • coordinating
  • integrating

Design Development

As we integrate the coordination of engineers and designers, the project is beginning to achieve practical solutions. Through the development of the design, the proposal is rendered to provide clear visual expectations and proper construction documentation to proceed to a permitting process. It is through the integration of engineering systems does the design flush out any detailing challenges to ensure clear direction and communication.

  • rendering
  • documenting
  • detailing

Execution of Intent

Through the coordination with builders and contractors, the design is then brought into the physical world. Clear project management is crucial to propel this project to realization, through cost analysis, scheduling and preparation. The construction is observed and reviewed, in coordination with engineers, to ensure design excellence and the intent of the idea is intact. It is here that construction administration is valuable to improve the timing of the build, and the completion of the project.

  • management
  • construction
  • administration
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about ME

    Tone’s studio is based in downtown Toronto on Queen Street West. He completed his Bachelors of Architectural Science from Ryerson University in 2010. Upon graduation he joined BBB Architects, involved in the design and construction administration of large-scale spectator arenas. In 2012, he relocated in New York City to work on the Transformation of Madison Square Garden. While in New York, he co-founded PBndJs, an artist collective inspiring live performances of music and art. In 2014, he moved to Los Angeles to lead the renovation of The Forum. Since its opening the venue has been in the top 10 grossing concert venues worldwide each year. Tone returned to Toronto in 2015 to complete his Masters of Architecture from Ryerson University where he graduated in 2017. In 2019 he co-lead the multi-year Legendary Transformation of the TD Garden in Boston. In the spring of 2020, Tone completed the Internship in Architecture Program and became a licensed architect with the Ontario Association of Architects. He is currently employed with BBB Architects and SCI Architects designing for the millennial experience creating new revenue streams that energize the way future generations watch and participate in live sport and entertainment events. His passion in music and acoustics provides him with a unique sense of space for truly unique experiences and performance.


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